May 14, 2018: Abandoned Roads and Pits

Nearby where I grew up, there’s an abandoned road which many years ago was used by dump trucks to transport raw materials from ‘The Quarry’ in Shawnigan Lake (now filled with water and a popular swimming hole), to a cement factory in Mill Bay. This road now lies abandoned and entirely private property, owned by various owners. Over the years, the road has mostly faded into obscurity with little of the general population in-the-know of the road’s existence. Luckily for me, the road — AKA the Haul Road — actually crosses the road I grew up on, so I’ve known of its existence my entire life. Further, I believe it was my great grandfather who actually worked at the cement factory previously mentioned. Thus, my family has had knowledge of the Haul Road long before I was born.

In mid-May Sam, Jack, Marijke, and I were looking to have some sort of adventure one evening. One of us suggested we hit a particular section of the Haul Road that we’d visited once in the past, and we met up. We each grabbed a beer, Jack grabbed his drone, Marijke grabbed her speaker, and I grabbed my camera. We began walking down the road with no particular goal in mind, but shared laughs, listened to music, and watched Jack pilot the drone.

After walking for a little bit, we veered off the Haul Road and followed a dirt road which led us to a cliff overlooking a gravel pit. I’d known the gravel pit was there, but what we didn’t realize until looking down at it, was that it too appeared abandoned. After throwing some rocks and playing around at the overlook, we decided to walk along the cliff to the other side of the pit. On the other side we goofed around some more, and then descended.

In the pit we found an assortment of things to investigate. From empty gasoline cans, to broken down trucks big and small, to ruined buildings, we had a great time looking around and picking through the rubble. After messing around and exploring the pit for quite some time, we found perhaps the most entertaining thing in all the pit: tyres and a hill. With great tribulation, Jack and Sam heaved one of the old tyres up to the top of one of the many slopes of crushed rock, as Marijke set up a jump at the bottom. Naturally, it was then time to let the tyre go, and it careened down the slope with reckless abandon, striking the plywood jump and then flying through the air as we cheered along in joy. After this great success, we headed out of the pit, and walked the non-abandoned roads back to our vehicles as the sun set and darkness fell.

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Sam on the Haul Road.

Jack piloting the drone.

Marijke on the Haul Road.

Jack and Sam.

Marijke on the cliff.

Marijke holding a duck scull we found.

Big truck in the pit.

A little abandoned truck.

The tyre taking flight.

Rest in Peace to the Pit and thanks for the visit that we did not have.