Apr. 23, 2018: Cherry Point Beach with Friends

April 23rd I was chilling in the Cowichan Valley at my father's house, and had planned on meeting up with a group of friends to hit the beach after they were done work. At the time, I didn't have a vehicle insured, as my girlfriend and I had been sharing hers. Normally this was never a problem, as if I was at home in Victoria, I could pretty much walk everywhere I'd need to go, and if I was in the Valley, I could borrow my father's truck. This particular day, however, the lack of having a vehicle insured did prove to be a problem, as my father's truck was in need of repair and undriveable. Luckily for me, my wonderful friends came to my rescue and picked me up.

Jack, Taylor, Marijke, and I headed to Cherry Point beach in Jaylor's old Dodge pickup, where we parked the whip and walked for quite a ways down the beach towards Cowichan Bay. Eventually we reached 'the log' where we chilled out for some time. As we were chilling we saw two figures approach from far down the beach. While observing from a far, one of us, I can't remember who, noted that one of the figures looked like our close friend Sam. As the two got closer, it turned out it was indeed Sam, and his friend Jack. The group of us laughed about the coincidence, chilled out together, and then headed our separate ways later that afternoon.

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Jaylor in their whip.

Marijke in the back.


The Log ft. Taylor and Jack.

Taken by Marijke.

The arrival of Sam and Other Jack.