Mar. 31/Apr. 1, 2018: Port Renfrew Camping

The west coast of Vancouver Island is often a stormy, wet, and to some, a dreary place. Even in the dog days of summer, a fog bank can turn the rugged coast into a wet and grey expanse of shoreline. So when my girlfriend's family and I headed out to Port Renfrew to camp in the early spring, some may have shook their heads at us. Lucky for us, however, we were met with surprisingly sunny skies and warm temperatures.

As always, Port Renfrew didn't disappoint. While camped in the area we visited the infamous Big Lonely Doug, as well as walked the beach and relaxed. I'll admit that this was a trip more focused on chilling out than it was for photography, and the photographs I took while in Port Renfrew this time around reflect that. Alas, I can't complain, it's always nice to visit the West Coast.

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Vance dusting off the new bridge work on the way to Big Lonely Doug.

Big Lonely Doug.

All over Botanical Beach when we visited were thousands of Velella Velella washed ashore. Velella Velella are a jellyfish-like creature which normally live far out at sea but sometimes wash ashore when a wind or current carries them astray.

Danielle in front of the old church in town.