Apr. 21/22, 2018: Camping Saltspring Island

In late April, my good friends, who've been featured on the blog many times, Annika and Niko, suggested we do a quick camping trip with me and Danielle. We didn't want to venture too far, and thus decided to head over to Saltspring Island, and camp at Ruckle Provincial Park. Coincidentally, almost exactly one year prior, Danielle and I had had the same thought, and camped in the park -- the exact same camp spot even -- as detailed in this blog post found here

2018's April Ruckle Camping experience was a short one, arriving in the evening and staying only one night. However, it was a nice quick getaway that basically involved just chilling out in the campsite, cooking meals together, playing games, and then finding a beach to make lunch at before heading back to Vancouver Island.

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Danielle, out-of-focus at Swartz Bay Ferry Terminal.

Anniko, out-of-focus at above.

Danielle's whip on the ferry.

Annika and I have matching tents, and here they are set up.

Cooking up some breakfast.

Chef Niko.

Annika sniping some heat for her Instagram as seen here.

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