Apr. 17, 2018: Canoeing the Swamp (Part One)

My good friend Marijke is a big fan of boating; from power-boating to kayaking, she's an addict. In the spring of 2018, Marijke had been wanting to hit the 'yaking hard. To feed her hunger, Sam and I said we'd go for a 'yak with her. However, upon some inspection, we realized that there were three of us, with a vehicle that could only accommodate two 'yaks. Therefore, in a valiant act of quick thinking, we grabbed my father's canoe, strapped it to the top of Marijke's car, and headed out.

While Marijke had visions of 'yaking the seas, I suggested we hit a river-swamp thing that I drive by quite often. We weren't sure if we would be able to get the boat into the water, but luckily we were able to launch with ease. We navigated the tight waterways, bush-wacking through the dense brush, but getting surprisingly far down the river, and soon discovering some sizable openings to paddle around in.

After cruising through the swamp for quite a bit, having an absolute riot of a time exploring, we decided to pack up the canoe and head to our next paddle location. At Shawnigan Lake, we met another of our friends, Lindsay, and we all went for an adventure paddling to Memory Island Provincial Park. Memory Island is a small island park with an outhouse, a couple picnic tables/benches, and a small beach. The four of us spent some time on the island, chilling out, before paddling back to the car, and returning the canoe.

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Marijke and Sam.

A beaver lodge in the swamp.

Sam and Lindsay launching at the lake.

Memory Island.