Feb. 18, 2018: Chinese New Year in Victoria

One cold Sunday in February Danielle and I went for a walk downtown Victoria with the intention to go look in a few shops, I believe it was. We left our apartment and walked a couple blocks, and began to hear some drums beating as well as see some police officers blocking off the street. We decided to go check out what all the commotion was about and were happy to find it was the annual Chinese New Year celebration featuring the famous Lion Dance.

Danielle and I joined the crowd and watched the lions go around Chinatown collecting what had been left out for them. Among the people, costumes, beating drums, and firecrackers, we watched in awe the beautiful commotion. I was super stoked to have stumbled upon this, and was ecstatic as I shot away, my hands freezing off in the brisk air. After we watched for some time, we decided to move on and out of Canada's oldest Chinatown and continue our little stroll, as the celebration beat on behind us.