Feb. 22, 2018: Snow in Downtown Victoria?

Snow is a fairly rare occurrence on the south end of Vancouver Island, and an incredibly rare event in downtown Victoria. So on February 2nd, 2018, when it began snowing and sticking downtown, it was unbelievable. I had been hanging out working in my flat most of the day, when my good friend Marijke said she was going to be in Victoria and asked if I wanted to hang out. I said sure, so we cruised around and headed to the Victorian institution of Beacon Hill Park. While cruising around the park, the snow began to fall, much to our surprise. Marijke and I shot around the park a bit, totally blown away as the snow even began to stick to the ground. After a bit of shooting and snowing, Marijke decided it best to head back home over the Malahat to the Cowichan Valley, before the roads got too treacherous.

While Marijke hit the road back to her place, I headed back to my apartment as the snow continued to accumulate. It wasn't too long before Danielle was back home from either school or work, and I excitedly told her to get ready as we were going to shoot some photos on the balcony of our building. We headed out on the balcony and shot a few portraits as the snow just kept coming down.

As it started to get darker, Danielle and I went on a walk to the grocery store and slid around on the snow. Being the rare event it was, the snow was mostly gone by the next day.

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Marijke as the snow just began to fall.

Shouts out to that Arcas Media plug.

Guest appearance from one of the park's locals.

Danielle at our building's balcony.