Jan. 23, 2018: Sheringham Lighthouse

One particularly stormy day in Victoria, I wanted to capture the waves somewhere along the coast. Sheringham Lighthouse, located near the very small settlement of Shirley, came to mind as a potential area to observe the crashing waves. I had never been to the lighthouse and figured that since it's located on the coast it would be a decent spot. Thus, I drove the hourish drive from downtown Victoria, and found almost no waves whatsoever. While my social media was filled with giant storm waves crashing against downtown Victoria's coast, here at Sheringham, located on arguably a typically rougher coastline, there was almost nothing. Although I was a bit disappointed, I enjoyed looking around the lighthouse nonetheless.

No waves.

After following a trail to the right of the lighthouse, I found a cliff overlooking this boathouse on the beach below a home above on the cliff.

Just off the beach with the boathouse was this great sea-stack. Super cool view for the owner of the home above on the cliff.