Feb. 11/12, 2018: Idaho-Washington-Home

After spending the night in Missoula, MT, Danielle and I spent the morning in our hotel with Danielle doing a homework assignment, and I doing some research and editing. In a couple hours we were ready to hit the road, and we began the trek west. Although we didn't have any stringent plans we did have a few potential stops in mind for the return journey. One of which was a small town we'd passed over/through on our way through the Idaho Panhandle. The town, Wallace, had looked at quick glance like something straight out of a museum with its old buildings and we were intrigued. The second stop we had in mind was courtesy of my father; a fan of the cult-classic Twin Peaks, he wanted us to stop at the towns the show was filmed in, North Bend and Snoqualmie, WA. More than just stop, my father asked, if we had the time, to grab him some cherry pie from a diner that was featured on the show.

Thus, with these two destinations in mind, we headed west along the I95, making great time as we sped along the open roads, through the mountains and into the Idaho Panhandle. Our first stop, Wallace, ID, was a trip. The town has quite a rich history of mining, prostitution, standing up to the federal government when it tried to bulldoze the town to make way for the I95, and is self proclaimed the Centre of the Universe. I encourage you to read the Wikipedia Page on Wallace by clicking here; it's quite interesting. When we arrived in Wallace, on the Sunday morning, the town was dead. There was hardly any people around, and very few vehicles driving by. This made for a bit of an eerie experience walking among the old buildings as the streets sat still. While in Montana and Idaho Danielle and I had continually seen huckleberry products advertised, and Wallace too had a diner advertising huckleberry shakes. Tempted, we entered the eclectic diner with license plates covering the walls and a jukebox in the corner, and order a large huckleberry shake for USD$5.00. As Vincent would say, "I don't know if it's worth five dollars, but it's pretty fucking good." That said, it was probably worth it just for being able to quote the Pulp Fiction line for the rest of the drive. Anyway, after grabbing the skate, which was made in an old-fashioned, antique shake machine, we hit the road and ate our left over pizza which was still partially frozen from being left in the car the night before.

After leaving the Panhandle and passing through the mountains and back into Washington, the drive became somewhat boring, with straight, endless stretches of highway cutting through the plains. The only upside was averaging 130km/h and thus making great time. Our second stop to end the monotony was where the I95 meets the Columbia River near Vantage, WA. The great river cutting its way through a gorge was a sight to behold, and we couldn't not pull off the highway to take a few photos.

After spending a few minutes shooting at the river, we continued West and over the Cascades into North Bend, where we grabbed dinner at Twede's Cafe (the one from Twin Peaks), as well as the pie, and then drove a few minutes to check out Snoqualmie falls. On the way to the falls, we did have to stop to shoot a couple horses in their field with the fiery sunset shining bright on the mountains behind them. Arriving at the falls, Danielle and I were impressed. Together and apart we've seen our fair share of waterfalls, and in a sense have become spoiled. We're not often impressed by waterfalls, but were by Snoqualmie. We spent maybe fifteen minutes at the falls and then headed north towards the Canada-USA border. We spent the night at a rest-stop close to Bellingham along the I5, where I had once stayed before one or two years before. It was a cold, uncomfortable night in the Civic, but nothing to complain about given the great trip we'd had so far.

The next day we crossed back into Canada, and took the ferry back to Victoria. We finished off our adventure by catching a beautiful sunset at one of my favourite beaches in Victoria along Beach Drive. Overall, the trip was an amazing impromptu adventure that didn't cost us a whole lot of money. February can be a dismal month and I think both Danielle and I really appreciated the little break.

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Danielle in Wallace, ID.

A former brothel, and now museum.

Centre of the Universe, remember?

The mighty Columbia.

The iconic Twede's Cafe in North Bend, WA.

The famous cherry pie.

Danielle within the diner.