Dec. 28, 2017: Claire in East Sooke Park

Some time in October or November, a client arranged a maternity shoot with me, with the outdoors in mind. We decided that somewhere in Sooke would probably be a good place, and I told them I would scout a location in East Sooke Park and let them know.

I called up one of my main homies, Claire, and we went out scouting a location. I'd not really explored East Sooke Park very much at all, and so we had a good time basically just winging it and taking one of the trails that follows the coast. Although we were hoping for a bit better weather, we instead got constant drizzle. The drizzle, however, resulted in some moody photographs of Claire in the rain.

One highlight of the little adventure was a super rad moment where in Claire and I were shooting on a rocky bluff. As I was shooting Claire, I heard what sounded like a whale exhaling through it's blowhole. I mentioned this to Claire, and she turned around to see a pod of orcas swimming around in a small bay nearby. For probably 10 minutes Claire and I watched as the pod of about 5 orcas, including some juveniles, rose and dove around nearby. It was definitely one of those moments when I wished I had a superzoom lens. Although I didn't get any good photos of the whales (though they're technically a type of dolphin but it's whatever), it was still a pretty incredible experience.

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We were interrupted (though a welcome one) by this pod of whales.