Dec. 15, 2017: Christmas Tree Hunting with the Seeligers

My girlfriend's family, the Seeligers, live in the Cowichan Valley on an 18 acre piece of land which combines fields with forest. Each year, the Seeligers get their Christmas tree from the bush as opposed to the grocery store. This year, I along with Daria's boyfriend, Vance, joined the Seeliger family in picking out a tree. Also in attendance was a very special guest, the Seeliger's brand new rescue puppy, Koda. While the adventure of picking a suitable tree was grand, the real star was Koda.

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Daria, Danielle, Shera, and Vance getting ready for action.


Sam, Danielle's grandfather's dog, and Koda.

Shera and her father-in-law.

Shera and Koda; mom and son.

On the walk back I seem to have found a deep hole, with my foot. I'm probably pretty lucky I didn't break my ankle really.