Nov. 3, 2017: Mt. Tolmie Sunset with Annika and Niko

One of my favourite spots in Victoria to catch sunset is Mt. Tolmie. With sweeping views of the city as well as the Gulf Islands and across to the Olympic and Cascade Mountain ranges, the view can't be faded. Sure, Mt. Doug gets all the clout, but I'd pick Tolmie over Doug just because Tolmie is slept on. In early November, as daylight was quickly running out, I texted my good friends Annika and Niko (portmanteau = Anniko) to see if they wanted to rush up Mt. Tolmie and shoot a bit before the sun completely dipped below the horizon. They obliged and we jetted up to the top of the hill and quickly shot in the few minutes before darkness began to descend over Victoria. 

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Niko shooting Annika.