Summer/Fall Leftovers, 2017

Sometimes I'll go out and shoot just a couple photos, or shoot many but only a few turn out, and this will result in an insufficient amount to warrant a whole blog post. Therefore, I figured that I would bundle up some of these leftovers and make a blog post out of them. And so, please find a selection of photographs taken throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2017 which wouldn't have otherwise made the blog.

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Aug. 1, Shawnigan Lake.

Aug. 4, My good friend, Annika's birthday party at her parent's place. Nolan on the couch.

Niko at Annika's party.

Lindsay and Sam at Annika's party.

Annika, Niko, and Caisa, taking a photo at Annika's party after finding my camera.

Sept. 25, Marijke in my apartment helping move in.

Oct. 1, Hatley Castle.

Oct. 8, Jack in my flat.

Sam in my flat.

Same day, Lindsay and Sam downtown Victoria.

Same day, Linds with her leftovers.

July 17, Milky Way over Lake Cowichan.