Sept. 30, 2017 Part Two: Screenprinting with Niko/Limbo

After finishing painting for the day as detailed in the previous blog, Niko let the paint dry and switched to making some shirts. While Niko isn't currently doing the actual sewing of the shirts, he does design the shirts as well as make the screens for the screen printing and do the screen printing. Niko sells the shirts through his company, Limbo, which I will link below.

People in this blog: Niko's Instagram // Annika's Instagram // Niko's company, Limbo's, website.

Annika rocking the respirator.

After doing the screen printing, Niko moved on to the second design phase of the shirt.

Which was to spray some paint onto the shirts.

Making the second shirt.

To finish it off, a shot from Niko's window of the birds roosting on the crane.