Oct. 2, 2017: Shooting the Shirts from Last Week with Niko/Limbo

Having chilled with Niko a few days ago and captured him design and produce a couple of shirts over at his crib, on the second day of October, I headed back to his place to capture a bit more of the process and then shoot him wearing the final product. We shot a little bit at his place of him making a few screens for some future shirts, and then headed out to shoot him wearing the shirts around downtown Victoria and over the Johnson St. Bridge into Vic West.

People in this blog: Niko's Instagram // Niko's Brand, Limbo's website.


First, coffee.

Screens before being screened.

Gotta get some food in too.

First few photos we shot in the lobby of Niko's building. Lighting was shiet though.

Chilling with some road beers as the sun's about to set, good choice fellas.