Aug. 19, 2017: Koksilah Fish Ladder

At an undisclosed location along the Koksilah river in the Cowichan Valley, there is a decent sized fish ladder. As far as I can tell its exact location isn't very easily accessible online. When I was much younger, I had visited it to swim in the large pool below it with my parents, but had not been in probably at least a decade. In August 2017, a couple of my friends got hyped up on exploring some of the locations along the Koksilah so on the 19th we set out to visit the fish ladder. After a bit of trekking along the banks, we found it. We visited the ladder midday so the lighting was very harsh and consequently the photos turned out pretty bad, however, it was a good memory so I'll make this post anyway.

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Juke on the ladder.

The ladder down to the pool.

Dirk and Sam at the top of the cliff.

Jack jumping into the mini waterfall.

Marijke, Sam, Lindsay, and Taylor on the rocks.

Shera swimming in the pool.

Sam taking a leap.

Jack doing the same.

And Lindsay.