Aug. 22, 2017: Port Renfrew with Daria and Vance

Tuesdays are generally not the best days for late afternoon/night excursions when one must get up for work the next morning. That said, when one of your main homies texts you asking if you want to go shoot after work an hour+ away from home, it's hard to say no. Such was the situation Aug. 22nd when Daria texted me wondering if I'd like to go shoot at a spring-fed pool in an otherwise dry river bed near Lake Cowichan.

Having discovered the secluded pool some months ago, Daria and I had said how cool it would be to shoot at it. However, given both of our busy work schedules we hadn't had the chance until a few months later. Although I feared the pool may have dried up given the severe drought Vancouver Island had been facing, we gave it a shot anyway.

Along with Daria's boyfriend, Vance, Daria and I left the Cowichan Valley in the later afternoon and headed towards Lake Cowichan. Upon arriving at the pool, we found that it hadn't completely dried up, but had significantly shrunk since we were last there, making swimming in the pool impossible, but wading kinda possible. Somewhat discouraged, we snapped a couple photos and then just sat by the shore and ate some snacks. We figured that the pool, at this point, was a bust and we should find something else to do. Daria suggested we drive to Port Renfrew (another hour-about drive away) and shoot around there. Given I had to get up fairly early the next morning for work, I was hesitant, but in the spur of the moment and struck by inspiration, we headed to the west coast.

Once arriving in Port Renfrew and shooting around the town we ended up getting some photos that I was quite happy with, and I was very glad we made the decision to head out that way despite the late-ish night which resulted. The trip was also a good opportunity to get to know Daria's boyfriend, Vance, better, as I hadn't really met him all that much. Overall, it was further proof that spur-of-the-moment trips, however small, are almost always some of the best.

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Daria in all that was left of the pool.

Daria and Vance on the beach in Port Renfrew.

This yellow building is just someone's beachfront house but dang what a great color against the bleak west coast weather.

"I don't know what to do with my hands!"

Me, shot by Daria with my camera.

Pilot Daria taking us to the our next location;

Fishing vessel as seen from our next destination, the wharf.