Aug. 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse

It seems every month or so there's another cosmic event that will be once-in-a-lifetime. I often hear about them in the news/online/wherever, some with great anticipation, others said more in passing. The 2017 solar eclipse, however, was one that had been gassed up for a long time. I would even say there was a small form of hysteria surrounding it. My home on Vancouver Island is outside THE ZONE OF TOTALITY but was close, supposedly. I had considered taking a quick trip down south into THE ZONE OF TOTALITY but by the time this consideration had been considered it would have been a rushed trip and I decided it wasn't worth it. Therefore, come the day of reckoning a group of friends and I headed to the beach to try and witness the solar event. Although we found it underwhelming, it was still fun to chill. Maybe the real rare event was the friends we made along the way?

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Marijke brought the welding mask to view in safety(?).

This kind group gave us one of their pinhole projectors so we could view in more safety. Shouts out to them.

And here it is in action with Linds, Sam, and Marijke utilizing its simple yet effective technology.

Jack sniping bangers from below.

Taylor chillin on the rocks.