June 14-18, 2018: Nelson, B.C., and Back to the Island

On June 14, Dirk, Shera, Danielle, and I awoke in our hotel in Revelstoke with plans of heading towards the ski-town of Nelson, B.C., where the Seeliger’s good family friends lived: the Woodwards. After packing up our stuff and enjoying a complimentary breakfast, we hopped in the Ac’ and hit the road. We travelled south on Highway 23 until reaching Shelter Bay, where we caught an inland ferry across Upper Arrow Lake, and then continued south-east along Highway 31 until reaching the small settlement of Meadow Creek situated between Duncan Lake and the larger Kootenay Lake. While most people wouldn’t think twice about cruising straight through the unmarked Meadow Creek, we stopped in at Boards by George, a lumber/timber supply company based in the settlement. George, of Boards by George namesake, is a good friend of Dirk’s, so we stopped in to tour his plant, as well as head up into the nearby hills in order to tour his new house which is currently under construction. At his plant, Danielle and I did a quick photoshoot amongst the derelict and neglected equipment he had rusting in a field. At the new home’s construction site, the four of us were absolutely blown away by the intricate woodworking George was employing as well as the unbelievable view the house has, overlooking the valley and forest below, as well as Kootenay Lake off in the distance.

After spending a couple of hours in Meadow Creek with George, we continued south, until reaching the town of Kaslo, former home of a Japanese-Canadian Internment Camp and current home of the Kaslo Jazz Etc. Festival. In Kaslo, we grabbed some gas, attempted to wash the Acura which had accumulated a good amount of dirt from travelling along the dirt roads, and grabbed some beer from Angry Hen Brewing Co. We then hit the road again, until reaching Nelson after a couple of hours later.

Once in Nelson we headed to the Woodward’s house, where we were welcomed with open arms to stay for the next few days. The Woodward’s house is right on the shore of Kootenay Lake and is incredible. Heather and Brian were fantastic hosts and we had a very relaxing time with them and their 1/3 sons, Ben, while the other 2 were away during our stay.

While in Nelson we partook in a variety of adventures including my first ever comedy show seeing Shaun Majumder, hiking up to Pulpit Rock, wandering through town, and going out on the Woodward’s boat for a day on the lake.

Having spent a great few days in Nelson with our great hosts, we departed on the 18th, and drove west, back to our homes on Vancouver Island. Overall, the trip was amazing. All four of us had a righteous time, and were able to explore places we’d never been. Also being able to show Dirk and Shera some of Danielle and I’s favourite spots, such as Painted Hills, OR, was a treat. The mix of camping with hotel stays was a very nice luxury, as was overlanding in an Acura RDX. I am eternally grateful to Dirk and Shera for making this great trip possible.

George’s airport whip which he uses to pull trailers around his plant.

Dirk and George in his plant.

George’s Equipment Graveyard.

The view from George’s house.

Brian and Darwin in Nelson.

A walk with the Woodwards to the beach near their house.

Ben at the lake.

The view from Pulpit Rock.

Little boat rip.

Brian doing some fishing.

Danielle on the way home.