June 11-13, 2018: Back to Canada

On June 11 Danielle, Dirk, Shera, and I awoke in our campsite in Glacier National Park, MT decently rested, with a dampness hanging in the air. We’d left our clothes to hang overnight, but the moisture stuck around. Having camped for a few consecutive nights and with clothes and souls in need of a good drying, we planned to get a hotel for the night; though we weren’t sure where. Upon some thought, we decided we’d head north, back into Canada, and see what the Canadian national parks had to offer.

We packed our camp, and before heading over the border, decided to explore the nearby ski-town of Whitefish. In Whitefish we stopped in at Montana Coffee Traders in order to grab some lunch and a drink. Not normally a quiche guy, I tried some of Shera’s that she ordered and was blown away; it was easily the best quiche I’ve ever had, so I ordered some of my own.

After enjoying our lunch, we wandered around Whitefish, stopping at various art galleries and shops, enjoying the small town. We then hopped back in the Ac’, and headed north to the Roosville border crossing, where we crossed into Canada without problems or a wait. From there, we continued up to the town of Radium Hotsprings, where we attempted to find a hotel for a decent price. After shopping around for a bit and not finding anything with a good price, we decided to head into Kootenay National Park, and check out Redstreak Campground poised on a bluff overlooking the Columbia River Valley below. It should be noted that on our drive to Radium, we passed by the origins of the mighty Columbia, having previously in the trip visited its terminus along the WA-OR border.

Upon investigating Redstreak we were very impressed with its beauty and found a great number of free spaces. Although we had intended to find a hotel for the night, we instead decided to post up in the campground, as there were free, hot showers available. Thus, we set up our tents, hanged some things to dry in the sun, and set to making some dinner. After dinner, we took the trail to Radium Hotsprings and enjoyed the evening soaking in the pools, chatting with another couple from Vancouver who were also on a road trip, and watching a mother mountain goat and her two kids scale a cliff above. We then hiked back to the campsite relaxed, and had a good sleep on the bluff.

The next morning, we packed up our campsite and set out with the goal to head west. Before leaving Radium we stopped to grab lunch and gelato at a Mexican joint in town. We then departed, utilizing highways 93 and 1, travelling through Kootenay, Banff, Yoho, and Glacier National Parks, until reaching the town of Revelstoke. Along the drive we saw a variety of amazing vistas as well as had a number of wildlife sightings. The beautiful weather was a nice change from the rain we’d experienced in Montana, but the harsh sun didn’t make for great photos.

Once we reached Revelstoke, we first checked out the Visitor’s Centre to get the scoop on local hikes and activities and then found a hotel, unpacked, and then headed to Mt. Begbie Brewery, where we enjoyed a beer sampling up in the mountains. We then returned to our hotel, and ordered some pizza from a local place in town. We enjoyed our pizza and watched some T.V. before getting some sleep.

The next day, June 13, was spent grabbing coffee in town and hiking as far up Mt. Revelstoke as the snow would allow, before returning to the hotel to enjoy a soak in the hot tub and grab some sleep.

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Montana Coffee Traders, Whitefish, MT.

View from our campsite in Redstreak campground.


Some flowers out the window of a restaurant we didn’t eat at in Radium.

The Mexican place we ate at.

Heading towards Revelstoke.

There’s a moose in there, somewhere.

Mountain goats.

Just some wall in Revelstoke.

Dirk and his coffee in Revelstoke. As it turns out, I didn’t actually take any photos of our hike up the mountain; woops.