May 16, 2018: Boudoir with Zoe

Disclaimer: This is a boudoir post so may be considered NSFW by some audiences; viewer discretion is advised. If boudoir isn’t something you’re comfortable with, I suggest you dip out of this post right now and come back next week for some #campvibes from Tofino.

As you may remember from my post a few weeks ago featuring the fields of flowers, I mentioned that I’d seen said field from and Instagram post from someone I didn’t personally know in real life. When I messaged the individual in question to ask where this beautiful field was, she replied it was a secret. As you know, I went out and found it anyway, and soon after posted some of the images to my own Instagram account. Upon posting, I quickly received a message from Zoe, the original flower poster, congratulating me on finding the field. Zoe and I went back and forth chatting and decided we should shoot together some time. This post is the result of our session together.

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