May 30, 2018: My Birthday

A few years ago I had a little picnic thing for my birthday where a bunch of us just got together and had some pizza, chilled out, and had a few beers. This year, I decided to continue the tradition and invite some homies to a semi-secret beach I know of and do something similar. It was a pretty rad time and I don’t really have much else to say about it other than special shoutout to those that came.

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Rachel showing off that streetwear.

Niko and Annika.

Marcus, Danielle, and Sam.

Jack and Annika skipping stones while Tay, Marijke, and Niko look on.

Danielle, Lindsay, and Rachel.

Niko (Taylor’s hair behind him), Marijke, Jack, and Annika.

Sisters on the Rocks.

Little bit of yoga.

Time to skip a few more stones, of course.