May 24, 2018: Mack's Birthday

For many years, I’ve been very close with my good friend and now business partner, Sam. Having been friends with Sam since elementary school, I’ve grown close with his family by extension. Being friends with Sam’s family is great because along with Sam I get his cousins too. Of which include Jack, Annika, Marijke, and Nolan, all of whom have been featured on the blog many times. Another of Sam’s cousins, but on the other side, is Mackenzie, who I’ve also known for pretty much as long as I’ve been close with Sam. Mack will often stay with Sam and his mother, and it happened that she was doing just that on her birthday in late May. Sam’s mother, Karen, hosted a birthday dinner for Mack which I was invited to, and I turned the opportunity into an impromptu family shoot. Normally I don’t share client work on the blog so I don’t believe I’ve ever posted any family pictures, but seeing as how this was technically a personal shoot, I’m going to share them here.

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Jack and Marijke on the tramp.

The fam, not 100% complete but not too bad.

Mack, Karen, and Sam.

Sonia and Mack.

Taylor and Mack.

Mack and me.

Marijke and Mack.

Walt and Mack.

Sam and Mack.

Mack and Jack.

Sonia and Walt.

Back to the tramp.

Mack desperately grasping to the last bit of her childhood.