May 18-21, 2018: Camping Tofino

In late May I headed to Tofino for a camping trip with my girlfriend’s family in celebration of my girlfriend’s little sister’s birthday. Having been to Tofino countless times and well documented on this blog, I don’t think Tofino needs any introduction. Regardless, we stayed at the usual spot, Bella Pacifica Campground and had a pretty good time chilling out, hiking, and going for dinner for Daria’s birthday so she could get her first legal drink, as it was her 19th. Also cool about this trip to Tofino is a group of our good friends were able to be up there at the same time, and we were able to chill with them.

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Vance, Daria, and Danielle on Mackenzie Beach.

Nolan at the downed plane.

Daria showing that ID for her first legal drink.

Niko and Annika at dinner with Vance.

Birthday girl.

Dirk, my girlfriend’s dad, took my camera and shot this so now it’s getting posted.

Matt and Claire.

Claire, Koda, and Memphis.