Aug. 9-13, 2017: Vancouver

After spending a few days in Squamish, Danielle and I headed to Vancouver to spend another few days before Danielle was to take off to Zambia for three months as a part of a co-op through her post-secondary education. In Vancouver we stayed, as we have a few times before, at Danielle's aunt and uncle's great spot in Kitsilano. At the time of our stay, Danielle's aunt and uncle (Trissy and David) were on a road trip of their own, and therefore we had their place to ourselves for a bit before Danielle's parents were to meet us and send Danielle off to the airport.

Although Trissy and David weren't in Vancouver, it just so happened that a gallery was doing a showing of both their art simultaneously. Thus, after unpacking our things at Trissy and David's place, Danielle and I walked to the gallery to check it out.

The next day, Danielle's parents arrived in Vancouver and we all visited Lynn Canyon to hike around and have a swim. After our swim we went to dinner at a place we often visit, Shaolin Noodle House on West Broadway for Danielle's last supper in Canada.

The 11th was a bit of a sad day, as Danielle's parents and I bid Danielle farewell as we dropped her off at Vancouver International. After leaving Danielle at YVR, her parents and I went to Ikea as well as to the Richmond Auto Mall to pick up a few items as well as peruse a few used cars. Later that night, Danielle's parents left Trissy and David's place to pick up Danielle's little sister, Claire, from the ferry terminal, and I took a walk to Granville Island. We ended the night grabbing some great sushi and playing Jenga.

The next day Claire participated in the Lululemon Seawheeze half marathon which the rest of us along with Claire's boyfriend, Matt, watched. After successfully finishing the Seawheeze, Claire and the rest of us grabbed brunch and did a bit of shopping and chilling the rest of the day.

On the 13th, we all packed our things and left Vancouver, heading back home.

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David's photography is seen on the left, with Trissy's works on the right.

Street scenes.

Taken during my walk to Granville Island.

This was the first very small break in the smoke I saw for quite a long time.

Our first glimpse of Claire running the half marathon close to the finish; she is the one in red.

Claire and her parents congratulating.

Matt and Claire waiting for brunch.

The ferry back home.