Sept. 28, 2017: Daria in the Crofton Estuary

Crofton, British Columbia is a small town on south-east Vancouver Island known for basically one thing, being the home of a paper mill. Aside from the paper mill, there's also a ferry terminal which carries passengers and their cars to BC's largest Gulf Island, Saltspring, and a small expanse of sand beach, tainted black by a copper smelter in the early 1900s. For the average passer-through, Crofton is unexciting.

With my mom living in North Cowichan, I had been through Crofton many times and myself had found it nothing extraordinary. Yes, the beach is not terrible and there's a couple parks that aren't bad. There's also Crofton Lake which used to serve as the town's main water supply which is not a bad walk. However, overall, I wouldn't tell someone, even someone who lived in the Cowichan Valley that there was anything really worth taking a trip out to Crofton for, with the obvious exception being taking the ferry to Saltspring Island.

All that said, my perception changed one day when I took a random side road and discovered the access trail to the estuary. After discovering the river, fields, and mudflats within the estuary, it became one of my favourite places in the area I grew up in that I don't think all that many people know about. One of the only things better than discovering a dope spot is sharing that dope spot with others. Surprisingly, since discovering this beautiful place, I'd only shown a couple people, so I was eager to show more -- hence, when Daria and I decided to chill together in late September, I suggested the Crofton Estuary.

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