From the Archives // May 17, 2017: Old Man's House

For many years I worked for my father's landscaping company, and throughout the years many of my closest friends did as well. One of my father's clients was an older gentleman who'd immigrated to Canada with his wife from the Soviet Union. For the sake of anonymity I won't say his name, but the old man became a client of my father's after he became too old to maintain the meticulously cared for yard which included many different types of flowers and flowering bushes. For quite a few years my father worked for the old man who would, every time, come out of his near-century old home to chat and 'instruct' my father in his thick Eastern-European accent.

A couple years ago, the old man passed away, I'm not sure his exact age but he must have been in his eighties for sure. Because the old man didn't have any family in Canada, the property was transferred, through some involvement with distant family out of the country, to the neighbour who had been close friends with the old man. After much deliberation between the neighbour and his wife, at one point in time, they decided they were to tear down the house. While they have now since decided against tearing it down and are instead renovating the building, my father decided it might be nice for me to photograph the house as well as the surrounding grounds. After all, the house is easily one of the oldest in the area.

The house from the top of the driveway.

The roof of the carport/shed.

One of the many out buildings.

A garden shed covered in kiwi.

From the inside.

The kiwi trunk.

Another side of the kiwi shed.

Hanging in the kiwi shed.

My father through the gate into the back field.

The house from the field.

Old greenhouses collapsing in the field.

...and the contents within.

...and through.