Mar. 25: First Blog Home, Camping in Genoa Bay

The Pan-American trip is long since over, and the blogs for it are as well. I have thought about doing some kind of round-up or overall conclusion to that trip but for now I will not. Instead, I will continue the blog with the various things I have been up to since returning from Panama.

These blogs will probably not be as narrative as those from the Pan-American trip but instead take a far simpler and shorter form. Or, they may take a more journalistic or artistic approach; I'm not really sure.

This blog involves a quick trip to a somewhat 'secret' spot out near my home town in the Cowichan Valley -- specifically near Genoa Bay, and Cowichan Bay. Danielle and I plus a few of our very close friends went out for one night in late March. It was a very cold night for Danielle and I but we had a good time despite that.