Jan. 17-22: Back to Playa del Coco, Bye Jaylor, and Heading South

On January 17th (day 78) Danielle and I left Monteverde/Santa Elena and headed back to the Liberia area, with Jack and Taylor leading the way in a bus. Specifically, we were headed back to Playa de Coco in order to spend the last few days of Jack and Taylor's time in Costa Rica on the beach. Coco was perhaps the perfect spot given the close proximity to the airport.

We arrived in Coco at around 12:30 or so, with Jaylor having just arrived. We'd booked a B&B for the four of us which had a pool, and was a very short walk away from the beach. After settling in, the four of us walked to the end of the beach and Jack and I went snorkeling and the girls suntanned. That night, we went for dinner at a Lebanese place in Coco.

The next day (Jan. 18/day 79), the four of us drove to the nearby Playa Ocotal, which we'd heard had the best snorkelling in the area from a dive shop in Coco. We spent the day at Ocotal where the snorkelling was surprisingly good. That evening, Jaylor very generously took us for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe in town. None of us had ever been to a Hard Rock and somewhat ironically we decided to try it out. It wasn't too bad, but it was a nice way to say goodbye to Jaylor.

On day 80 (Jan. 19th), Danielle and I drove Jaylor the half hour to the airport to see them off. After returning to Coco town, Danielle and I hung out at the hotel until checkout at 12 and then went to the beach. For dinner, we ,once again, were hosted by Barb and Gord, who we stayed with for two nights. While at Barb and Gord's for the second time we spent the majority of our time trying to research what our next move was going to be: specifically what we were going to do with Biblo, and how the rest of the trip was going to unfold. We didn't really reach any conclusions.

On the 21st (day 82), Danielle and I parted ways with Barb and Gord for the last time in Central America and headed south, with the intended goal of eventually making our way to Parque Nacional Corcovado, in the very south of the country, famous for its extremely rich biodiversity. We made stayed the night in the town of Jaco, which I have nothing good to say about and wouldn't recommend to anyone visiting Costa Rica. En route to Jaco, however, we did stop at the famous Crocodile Bridge over the Tarcoles River, and saw many massive crocs.

After spending a somewhat restless night sleeping on the street in Jaco, we headed further south the next day (Jan. 22/day 83), making to the small surf town of Dominical. As it just so happened, a surf tournament was taking place, and so Danielle and I sat on the beach and watched the competition until its completion. After which, we spent the rest of the day hanging about, and slept for free, camped on the beach.

Coco beach was littered with washed up critters, many of which were puffer fish.

The Tarcoles Crocodile River,

Some professional surfers competing in Dominical.

BONUS IPHONE PHOTO: All across Central America Danielle and I had seen an uncountable amount of fried chicken chains. While with Jaylor I'd mentioned this and we decided we needed to try some. Although Jaylor and Danielle and I never tried them together, the day after Jaylor left us we finally caved and tried some in Playa del Coco; specifically, Pollos Crispy. Solid 7/10.

BONUS IPHONE PHOTO: The above mentioned meal.