Dec. 22: Matagalpa, Nicaragua

On December 22nd (day 52) Danielle and I left the run-down hotel we'd stayed at the night before in Ocotal, Nicaragua (right over the border from Honduras) and began driving towards the town of Matagalpa (about a three hour drive away). We were headed to Matagalpa because we had a reservation for the next night and through until boxing day at a coffee plantation/hotel nearby.

As we drove up the mountain roads to towards the town, it became very obvious we were in coffee country. Although we didn't see many coffee plants as we drove (or we did and we weren't yet aware of what they looked like), we saw fields upon fields of the beans drying out in the sun, spread atop what looked almost like black landscaping plastic or tarps. I had never seen anything like this before so it was quite astounding and I got quite excited when I realized that what I was seeing was coffee.

After driving through the coffee country we arrived in the small town of Matagalpa and went about searching for a place to stay. Online the day before we'd been looking about for a place but couldn't really settle on one. While in Matagalpa however we found a very interesting and nice hotel with an amazing view of the town which included breakfast and very fast wifi. If you're in Matagalpa no question stay at the El Castillo Hotel, it was probably one of the best-value-for-money hotels we stayed at on the entire trip.

Because we arrived in Matagalpa fairly early in the day, we had some time to check out the small city. We wandered about, checking out various small shops as well as grabbed a few groceries for our time at the coffee plantation. We also grabbed dinner at an Italian restaurant that was pretty decent. We spent the night on our computers and capturing the beautiful sunset over Matagalpa. The small town was easily one of my favourite cities we visited the entire trip even though we spent a very little amount of time there.

All the photos I took in Matagalpa were shot from the hotel. There's not many, but I quite like them.