Dec. 18-21: Honduras: Pulhapanzak Waterfall and D&D Brewery

After leaving Antigua, Guatemala, in the morning on the 18th of December (day 48), Danielle and I drove across the country into Honduras. Honduras is incredibly dangerous, the border is probably the hardest anyone overlanding the Pan-American highway will ever experience, the roads are in dreadful condition, and one will be stopped [for a bribe] by the police every few minutes – or at least that's what people on the internet will say. Because of all we'd read and heard from others on the road (most of which had never been to Honduras or had only been many years ago), Danielle and I were nervous to cross into the country, and had originally planned to drive through it as fast as possible. However, after posting in forums and doing a bit more deeper research, Danielle and I found a hotel/brewery that welcomed overlanders and looked very nice. Thus, Danielle and I decided to spend a few days in the country at the brewery instead of just rushing through.

We crossed the border into Honduras at the El Florido border crossing. The experience was one of the easiest we'd experienced throughout the entire trip, and the customs worker on the Hon. side surprisingly spoke English which made things even easier. We made it into the country in the earlier afternoon, and instead of trying to drive another ~4.5 hours to the brewery that night, we stopped at a nice hotel that allows camping right over the border in the town of Copán.

The next morning (Dec. 19/day 49), Danielle and I left Copán and headed to D&D Brewery which is very close to the largest lake in Honduras: Lake Yojoa. Also nearby D&D is Pulhapanzak Falls, which some claim to be the highest in Honduras. Camping at the brewery was only USD$3.50/night and the meals and beer were very affordable too. The place had fast internet access and also offered various tours as well as kayak rentals. While staying at D&D, Danielle and I visited the falls, hiked up a small mountain, as well as got absolutely drenched when taking a kayak out on the lake as a torrential downpour creeped up on us. We also just chilled out in the restaurant lounge and had a pretty grand time.

If you visit Honduras, don't miss D&D especially if you're driving a vehicle. I really can't recommend them enough [#notsponsored]. Keep in mind that apparently this place used to be absolutely loathed quite a few years ago due to the previous owner. That said, now this place is great.

On the 21st (day 51), Danielle and I left D&D, and drove down the Pan-American highway (which is in great shape by the way) to the border with Nicaragua. The crossing was more chaotic than we were accustomed to and the Nicaraguan officials were slow and unfriendly. To get through the Nicaraguan process took far longer than it should have, but finally we were through and drove a little ways to the town of Ocotal, where we spent the night at a dive of a hotel – at least it was very cheap.

Pulhapanzak Waterfall

I tried to capture the falls from below, but the amount of spray was incredible. We were soaked within seconds.

The largest hummingbird I've ever seen, hanging around D&D Brewery.