July 12, 2017: Genoa Bay on Film

One of my favourite places to grab dinner in the Cowichan Valley is Pizza Night at Birdseye Cove Farm out in Genoa Bay. In early July, a number of friends and I hoped to get out there for a pizza dinner, but arrived too late and found the pizza sold out. Nevertheless, we were all together and decided to go to the Genoa Bay Cafe for dinner instead. The food itself was good -- albeit not as good as Birdseye's Pizza -- but more importantly we all had a good time chilling out. I didn't bring along my digital camera, but instead brought solely my father's Olympus OM10 film camera. As is shown below in these unedited scans, I still have much to learn in the film game.

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Sam and Linds.

My leg.

Genoa Bay.

Taylor in the Cafe.

Lindsay and Danielle.

Sam, Lindsay, Danielle, Taylor, Jack.