July 22/23, 2017: Tofino with my Girlfriend's Family

For many years now, a Tofino camping trip with my girlfriend's family -- the Seeligers -- has been a quintessential summer activity. More often than not, there will be multiple Tofino trips in a summer and/or year. This year, however, there was only one, and due to conflicting schedules, not all the Seeligers could make it up. Nevertheless, Danielle and I were able to get up to Tofino and meet her parents (Dirk and Shera), along with her sister, Claire, and Claire's boyfriend, Matt. Later in the weekend, Dirk's sister, Trissy, and her son, Jude, were able to meet us having come from Vancouver.

Typical Tofino activities for me/us include a hike or two, surfing, a bit of perusing Tofino town, and relaxing. This trip involved all of the above, with the hike being to Radar Beach. The Radar Beach trailhead is located at the top of Radar Hill and while not encouraged by Parks Canada, is a fairly moderate hike down to a gorgeous and, relative to other popular beaches in Tofino, secluded expanse of shoreline.

After spending some time at Radar Beach Saturday morning, we then took a quick look around Tofino town, visiting the wharfs as well as poking our heads into a few shops. Much of the afternoon was spent at Chesterman's Beach, where some of us went in the water, chilled out on the beach, or, like me, explored the beach with my camera. Notably, I walked over to Rosie Bay to shoot some surfers as well as one of the more interesting houses in Tofino designed by AA Robins.

On Sunday, we all did something none of us had done before and went to Hotsprings Cove via charter boat. For people who've been to Tofino as many times as we have, it's a little embarrassing that this was only our first time. Regardless, we grabbed a boat in the later afternoon and then spent a good amount of time at the springs.

I was surprised at how long the hike was from the dock to the actual springs, but was stoked with the boardwalk trail. The hotsprings themselves were not exactly what I had imagined, but were in no way disappointing. After having a good soak, we left hiked back to the boat and headed back to Tofino Harbour as the sun set and the otters floated in the sea.

Monday was spent packing up and returning to the valley.

As with the previous posts, there will be a selection of film shots at the end of this blog.

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A snake chilling on the cliffs of Radar Beach.

An eagle doing the same.

Radar Beach.

Radar Beach.

Danielle on Radar Beach.

The Harbour.

The beach at Rosie Bay.

The AA Robins House. Read more here: http://www.aarobins.com/Tofino

Headed to Hotsprings Cove.

Claire and Matt heading into the springs from the dock.

The cove.

A stranger, Trissy's son, Jude, and Trissy under the warm waterfall.

Danielle, Claire, and Dirk, plus a stranger.

Danielle lounging in the springs.

Danielle lounging in the springs.

On the way back from the Hotsprings.

An otter chilling out. There were dozens of them floating on the way home.

Dirk observing the seas.

Tofino Harbour.

Film Selections:

Driving through Cathedral Grove.

Danielle in our not-so-great campground.

A beautiful Landcruiser.

A beautiful Landcruiser.

Dirk on Radar Beach.

From the docks at Hotsprings Cove.

Claire at Hotsprings Cove.