From the Archives // April 15, 2017: Ruckle Provincial Park Camping, Saltspring Island

Mid-April Danielle and I had a weekend free so we decided to find somewhere to camp. We didn't want to travel too far from home, so we decided to try Ruckle Provincial Park on nearby Saltspring Island.

Although we'd both been to Saltspring a number of times, neither of us had been to Ruckle Provincial Park in recent memory. We arrived to the park sometime in the afternoon, and were able to get a great spot to set up our tent very close to the water and not terribly close to anyone else. After setting up our tent, we did a quick walk around the old farm and then back to our camp spot along the water. The walk was beautiful as the day began to fade into the evening and we were able to walk through the barn yard with animals abound.

After returning to our tent we decided to head to Fulford Harbour to check it out and grab some Saltspring Island Cider to enjoy with dinner. Along the way we picked up an Australian hitchhiker who was headed to Fulford Harbour to catch the ferry back to Vancouver. After dropping the Aussie off and grabbing a few supplies at the harbour, we returned to the park and made dinner while the sun set.

After a somewhat cold but nice sleep beside the sea, we packed up our stuff and did another hike/walk through the park, and then returned home.

Although I'm by no means stoked with the photos I took while on Saltspring, the small trip was a very good break as both Danielle and I's families were going through problems at this point in time. I look forward to returning to Ruckle Provincial Park in the future, as I can see it being a great place to camp with a group of friends.

The Ruckle Family Farm restored within the park.

In addition to the heritage farm, the park is also home to an active farm (hence the animals in the previous photos). Danielle and I chatted to one of the farmers whose dog is pictured here.

Beans from the farm stand.

Our campsite after returning from our walk and before heading to Fulford Harbour.

When we drove back from Fulford the sheep had been released into a field beside the road.

When we drove back from Fulford the sheep had been released into a field beside the road.

Looking across the shoreline from our tent.

Cooking dinner.