From the Archives // June 2/3: Lomas Lake.

Continuing the theme of reviving photos from the archives, this week's post features another trek into the mountains with Danielle and this time, both her parents. In June of 2016 we tackled a trail up to the alpine actually fairly close to our home in the Cowichan Valley which Danielle and I had never done before, but her parents had.

A fairly short and moderately challenging hike took us up to the alpine Lomas Lake where we spent two nights camped below the mountains of Landale and El Capitan. For the majority of the time we spent camped at the lake, we were alone, and were able to spend the time relaxing beside the fire in the woods and on the lake shore. Although we did get quite wet due to the moisture in the air and on the vegetation, we all thoroughly enjoyed our time and were able to summit one of the two mountains.

The most incredible part about Lomas Lake is not the stunning views but the accessibility from our homes in the Cowichan Valley. Being so close, it's a wonder this was only my first time visiting the beautiful spot. I very much wanted to visit the lake again this last summer but was unable to find the time. It's a goal of mine to hike to the lake again Summer 2018.

The following photos were some of the very first taken when I got my Sony A7RII and I only just edited the great majority of them Nov., 2017. It's interesting to look back on my past photos such as these. I hope you enjoy.

This photo was taken from the saddle between Landale and El Capitan looking back down at the lake. However, as seen, the dense cloud was choking out the view.

Shera, Dirk, Danielle.

I guess something funny was said.

Looking down from the saddle opposite the lake.

Shera taking in the view.

Danielle doing the same.

The fog/cloud eventually cleared and we were able to see the lake from the saddle.

After breaking at the saddle for a bit, we then walked across this snowpack and up Landale.

We at lunch very close to the summit of the mountain where this was shot.

After lunch near the summit we washed the dishes in one of the ponds.

After lunch near the summit we washed the dishes in one of the ponds.

Danielle shooting me shooting her near the summit.

A panorama from the top of Landale with Lake Cowichan visible.

Another panorama, this time back down at the lake shore showing Danielle and I's tent.

The same part of the shore shot from the opposite side of the lake. Danielle is visible bottom of image near-centre. The saddle is visible left-centre image, with Mt. Landale to the right of the saddle.

Dirk and Shera with their tent and our dry racks and fire.

Cooking up some breakfast.

Another panorama of the lake from a different angle on a different day.

And one of the boulders that line one side of the lake. Danielle visible climbing the large one on the left.