June 18: Mt. Bolduc WWII Plane Crash Site

On April 25, 1944, a Royal Canadian Air Force Coastal Patrol bomber en route from Patricia Bay to Tofino, crashed into the side of Mt. Bolduc (near Honeymoon Bay, BC) killing all six onboard. On Father's Day 2016, My brother, father, and I went searching for the crash site and the memorial that has since been erected in memory of those on board.

Information on the crash site is surprisingly not that common on the web, but after cross-referencing a few blog posts online, we set out and followed the dirt roads past Lake Cowichan and up Mt. Bolduc where we were met with some snow still on the ground and the wildflowers only now starting to pop up. As we continued driving, we soon found the trailhead.

Another family was at the trailhead when we arrived, so we decided to continue to the top of Bolduc where the logging road ended and ate our lunch which we'd picked up before hitting the dirt road. As we wandered around, we found an un-opened, faded Pepsi can, which was at least a year old. We figured this must have been some gift from above and dove in.

After lunch we drove back down to the trialhead and found the other family just leaving. We walked up the short trail and found the memorial cairn, as well as an informational sign, and shredded plane parts all around and up the side of the mountain.

We spent a fair amount of time looking around the crash site and then poking around some small caves my brother found nearby. After a good day exploring the mountain, we returned home.

The road up the mountain.

Some of the last snow. I hadn't seen snow, esp. on the ground, for a very long time.

My father, small amongst the trees and fog.

Lunch break.

My father enjoying the bush-Pepsi...well, trying the bush-Pepsi.

My brother, surely enjoying the bush-Pepsi.

...and again...

...and again from afar.

Trailhead marker.