Sept. 18: Ozette, Olympic National Park

On Day Three, September 18th, Danielle and I awoke near Swan Bay Boat Launch, within Olympic National Park, and then drove a few minutes down the road to the Ozette Ranger Station, where we parked. From the Ranger station we began the 9 mile Ozette Beaches loop. 3 miles through forest to Cape Alva, 3 miles along the shore to Sand Point, and then 3 miles back to the ranger station. It was a good hike where we saw sea stacks, ancient petroglyphs, and I saw a whale way off in the distance.

Once we completed the loop, we drove from Ozette to Forks, and looked around there a bit, and used some wifi at their visitor's center. Forks is where Twilight is set and thus the town is full of references to the books/movies.

From Forks we drove to La Push, and checked out First Beach, and Second Beach. From Second Beach we drove around until finding a campsite by the river, on a steep incline – it wasn't the best sleep.

Ozette Beaches

First Beach, La Push

Second Beach, La Push