Sept. 16/17: Port Angeles and Hurricane Ridge

On September 16th, 2016 – exactly four years after leaving to Europe for two months – Danielle and I left on our Pan-American Adventure. The day involved an early morning start and being the last vehicle on the 10:30 Coho ferry sailing from Victoria.

After arriving in Port Angeles, we were searched by customs, picked a few things up from town, and headed up Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park. After spending some time on Hurricane Ridge hiking up Hurricane Hill, we drove back down to Port Angeles.

We then spent a loud night in the Port Angeles Walmart parking lot.

The next day we did some internet-related work in a coffee shop, visited Sol Duc falls, drove to Ozette Lake, and camped near Swan Bay Boat Launch. It was a very wet day, so not many photos were taken. Thus, the photos below are mostly from Day One, September 16th, 2016.

Danielle on the Coho.

Coho Signage

Coho Windows

Danielle Atop Hurricane Hill on Hurricane Ridge