Oct. 14: Horseshoe Bend and Grand Canyon National Park North Rim

On October 14th (day 29) we got up early to go see Horseshoe Bend along the Colorado River, just past Page. While the lighting wasn't at its worst by the time we got there, it also was far from its best. From Horseshoe Bend, we went in search of a visitor's center. We couldn't find the city's visitor's center, so drove back a bit to the Glen Canyon Dam's visitor's center where we filled our water bottles.

From the dam, we had hoped to find somewhere to use wifi and our computers, but found, once again, that the Starbucks in Page was much like those in Primm, NV; that is, without wifi, sufficient seating, or electrical outlets. So, we found the city's visitor's center (very poor signage), grabbed some maps, and then discussed our plan. We had a few days time to kill before we had to be in Grand Canyon South Rim's Mather Campground where we had reservations for two nights. Pondering the map, I figured we ought to check out the Grand Canyon's North rim, which was only a few hour's drive away. And so, we set off.

We drove to the North Rim and arrived by late morning/early afternoon. There, we parked the vehicle and wandered over to the lodge, where I did an hour's worth of photo editing. Then we did a short walk around and to Bright Angel Point, an overlook high above the spring which provides water to both the North and South Rim.

We then decided to drive to Point Imperial the highest point on the Canyon rim and eat our dinner while watching the sunset behind us, and the brilliant light ignite the rocks below us. After dinner here, we drove out of the park into the adjacent National Forest where we made camp and spent the night. It's worth noting that along the highway leaving the park, we saw probably hundreds of mule deer along the side of the road, as well as crossing the road. It was a slightly stressful drive, and we saw the aftermath of what happens when one hits one of the poor deer.

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PS: Obviously I write these posts long before they're published, and then queue them up for posting. At the time of uploading this one, it's November 12th and I'm at Hotel One in La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico. I see that this post is scheduled for Christmas Eve, so I'd like to wish all my readers/supporters a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays/whatever applies to you. Thanks for following along so far.

Horseshoe Bend. I had not the lens nor the proper lighting to capture this unique place.

Grand Canyon Lodge, North Rim.

Views from the Lodge.

Danielle along the short trail to Bright Angel Point.

While this isn't a great photo, while wandering the North Rim, it was these trees that made me realize Autumn had truly arrived.

Point Imperial, the highest point on the canyon rim.