Sept. 29/30: Fern Canyon and Point Reyes National Seashore

On September 29th, day 14, we awoke early at the Trinidad Rest Area and drove back north along the 101 to a seaside pullout/picnic area we'd passed the night before. There, we at breakfast and drank tea, and after which drove back further north until reaching the Davidson Road Elk Viewing Picnic Area where we'd stopped to eat dinner the night before.

This time though, we continued along Davidson Road until the Fern Valley Trailhead. From the trailhead we completed the short loop, and then drove back along the dirt road until Gold Bluffs Campground. There, Danielle showered, and I read the many interpretive signs.

From Gold Bluffs, we drove back to the Davidson Road Elk Viewing Picnic Area and had our lunch. After finishing, we headed south once more until stopping in Fortuna to have some coffee and then steal wifi for a few minutes from McDonald's. We then carried on until stopping alongside the highway close to Fort Bragg, where we ate dinner and spent the night.

On day 15, we left our highway pullout and drove a few minutes to Fort Bragg. In Fort Bragg, we drove to the glass beach and ate a pancake breakfast there. After breakfast we walked down to the beach and spent a little bit there. We then left Fort Bragg and pushed towards San Francisco.

We drove for quite a long time until reaching Point Reyes National Seashore. We spent the late afternoon there, using the visitor's center's wifi for a bit, and then driving to the Point Reyes lighthouse. We had dinner at the park, and then continued on to San Fran.

At around 21:00, we arrived at a rest stop right at the Golden Gate Bridge. We spent the night there.

Also, follow along with our journey in real time by clicking here.

Our view with breakfast on the 29th.

Danielle preparing oatmeal for breakfast.

Fern Canyon.

This building is right across the street from the Elk shown in the last blog post. We stopped at this location once again because it was on our way and I wanted to get a photo of this building during the day.

We stopped at an unmarked pullout on the side of the highway to get some photos. I had to dangle my feet over the edge, which is higher than it looks here; trust me.

At the above mentioned pullout.

A unique house, immediately across the highway from the unnamed pullout.

The view from where we spent the night, just a few miles from Fort Bragg.

And the view in the morning.

The Glass Beach in Fort Bragg.

This is a random sampling, not a selected handful.

Seriously, the entire beach, albeit small beach, looks like this.

Danielle made some art work while at Glass Beach.

Another feet banger, why not?

Mule Deer at Point Reyes National Seashore.

Point Reyes and its seemingly never-ending beach.

Point Reyes Lighthouse. Unfortunately, the stairs down to it closed a half hour before we arrived.