Oct. 3/4: Yosemite Day Two and towards Death Valley National Park

On day 17 (Oct. 3rd), we left Crane Flat campground fairly early, and drove back down to the valley. We then had breakfast and began the 4 Mile Hike at around 9:30. We hiked up to Union Point, where we ate lunch around 11:30. We then hiked back down to Bilbo.

From the trailhead, we drove to Yosemite Lodge, where we each got a tea, and worked on our computers. After working on our computers for a couple of hours, we drove up to the campsite around 16:00, as we were worried they might once again close the road.

We made it to Tamarack Flat Campground no problem, and at our dinner there.

The next day, we had a slow morning, making pancakes for breakfast. We then drove down to the valley, and did our laundry as well as showered at Housekeeping Camp. We then headed back to the lodge to do more computer work and eat a snack.

Having completed a few more hours of computer work, we decided to leave Yosemite, stopping first at Bridalveil Falls to quickly check it out; it was nothing remarkable, especially compared to some of the falls we'd seen in the Columbia River Gorge.

We then drove 4 hours towards Death Valley National Park, stopping a few times to take some photos. We ended the night at a rest-stop along route.

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Yosemite Valley from along the 4 Mile Trail.

Half Dome from 4 Mile Trail.

Half Dome.

Danielle atop some massive and curiously balanced rocks at our campsite.

The last photo from Yosemite. This is at quite a high elevation, far from the valley, exiting the park. I believe somewhere around 8000-9000ft.

After leaving Yosemite we stopped along the highway after I spotted this abandoned building. This could be my favourite photo I've taken so far. The Sierra Nevada mountain range visible in the background.

Bilbo, parked along the freeway.

Another one of the sights at our stop along the freeway.