Sept. 21/22: Portland and Columbia River Gorge

On day six (September 21st), Danielle and I left Gales Creek campground and headed to Portland. We arrived in Portland by 9:30 and then drove around looking for somewhere to park; not really knowing anything about the layout of the city.

We eventually parked in the Pearl District of the city, and then headed to a coffee shop which I believe was called Ovation. We spent about two hours there working on our computers and drinking some Moroccan Chai Teas.

After we finished up at Ovation, we headed downtown. After wandering through downtown for a while, we decided to make the journey to see the Japanese Gardens within Washington Park. We walked about half an hour to Washington Park, and then spent some time in the Rose Garden.

We then walked up to the Japanese Gardens to find that they cost $7.75/person to get in, and decided it wasn't worth it, so we walked back towards the car, stopping at Straight from NY pizza to grab an early dinner around 16:00.

Once we arrived back at the vehicle we drove towards the Hood River area. I really wanted to see a few things in the area including Multnomah Falls and Munra Point. After leaving Portland, we drove to Multnomah Falls and watched the sun set from there. We then drove to a rest-stop right by the falls and slept there.

The next day (September 22nd), we got up at the rest-stop and planned to head towards the town of Cascade Locks and spend some time there before hiking Munra Point, for which the trailhead was just a little bit back East from Cascade Locks. However, while we drove towards Cascade Locks, we saw a sign for the Bonneville Dam National Historic Site. We exited the freeway and stopped to check out the dam for a couple hours or so; from about 7:15-9:15.

After leaving the dam we drove to Cascade Locks and spent some time there, filling up the 4runner and then bathing in the Columbia River, as well as eating lunch by the riverside. Once we finished eating, we drove to the trailhead for Munra Point.

We started the Munra Point hike around 13:15. The hike was 6 miles there-and-back, and was gruelingly steep, but incredibly beautiful. From the top there was a 360 degree view of the Columbia River Gorge, including the Bonneville Dam and the Bridge of the Gods spanning the Columbia in Cascade Locks. We returned to the vehicle around 18:00.

From the trailhead, we drove back to Cascade Locks and crossed the Bridge of the Gods into Washington. We drove for about 15 minutes in Washington to a free campsite up a dirt road. We spent the night there with a few others in the campsite as well.

Danielle enjoying Straight from NY pizza.

I don't know this dude, but he was getting bangers I'm sure above Multnomah Falls.

Danielle above Multnomah Falls.

Columbia River from the top of Multnomah Falls.

Multnomah Falls

Bonneville Dam

Elowah Falls, on the way to Munra Point.

Columbia River from Munra Point.

Munra Point