Sept. 19/20: La Push to Cannon Beach

On day four, September 19th, Danielle and I awoke from our restless sleep at the inclined river-side campsite and drove back to La Push's First Beach, where we ate our cereal breakfast as the sun rose. From First Beach, we drove to Third Beach and explored it. While when we began our hike it was pouring, by the time we reached the beach it was very sunny and we enjoyed being the only ones there.

After returning to the car, we drove back to Forks, where we once again used the Wifi at the visitor's center. After using the Wifi, we drove to an RV Park, where we showered; $0.75 for 15 minutes.

After showering, we drove south to Ruby beach where we had our lunch. It was so sunny I put on shorts and took off my shirt.

After Lunch at Ruby, we drove for quite some time trying to get close to the Oregon border. We ended up making camp up a logging road very close to the junction of Highway 101 and Highway 4.

The next day (day five, September, 20th), Danielle and I drove from the junction of 101 and 4, along 101 into Astoria, OR. We then headed down 101 with the intention of driving to Cannon Beach. However, along the way, I spotted a sign for a beach, so we decided to turn and check it out. We found that the road drove right onto the beach and a friendly lady informed us that we could drive along the beach for quite a few miles – and so, we did. After driving a ways along the beach, we stopped to have lunch.

After lunch, we drove back along the beach, and then back onto 101. From there we drove to Cannon Beach and spent some time there walking along the beach to Haystack seastack, and then through town where we used a closed coffee shop's wifi.

After some time spent in Cannon Beach, we drove all over the place on various different highways until reaching a town called Forest Grove. There, we got groceries, and then once again meandered around on various highways looking for a spot to camp. Eventually, we found Gales Creek Campsite off of Highway 6. At Gales Creek, we both worked on our computers until we went to bed.


Third Beach, La Push

Sunset Beach, I believe it was called.

Cannon Beach